about us

We want to be the best of the best at what we do. We don’t settle for done, we strive to improve with every step we take. Our team is motivated, hands-on, and passionate about work and life: we travel the world, read books and haven’t forgotten how to play. People who work for us have found their unique calling, their gift to the world.
Our core entrepreneurial team is based in Munich and Cluj.
In addition, we weave and maintain a strong support network of global experts: iron-clad wordsmiths, top-notch marketers, tech-wizards, coding geniuses and premium designers. Through this approach we stay lean, flexible, and agile, while having the manpower to tackle challenging projects and keep the innovation train running.

Team Members

David Baus
Manuel Wesch
Matyas Albert-Nagy
Beata Szabo
Creative master mind
Design & Branding
Aron Szabo
Precise bit surgeon
Fullstack developer
Gyorgy Jasko
Innovative deep thinker
Fullstack developer
Norbert Deak
Enthusiastic code master
Fullstack developer
Kilian Joba
Hands on planer
Marketing & strategy
Maurizio Wagenhaus
Passionate digital allrounder
Business Development
Sven Thiele
Experienced co creator
JustRocket Lab Munich

Network Members

Dennis Kirpensteijn
Corporate innovation executor
Business model innovation
Marvin Schulz
Creative copy writer
Texting & Storytelling
Hannah Klose
Straightforward power woman
Workshop & Training
Carina Wilhelm
Assertive journalist tamer
Communication & PR
Jonas Schneider
Corporate incubation specialist
Acceleration & Incubation
Jakob Breu
Digital keyword juggler
SEO/SEA & Online marketing
Fabian Damböck
Precise business analyst
Finance & Strategy